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Implementation of a Financial Management System
In the wake of substantial organisational change, a major insurance company found that their financial management information system (FMIS) no longer meet the organisation’s future needs. As a result, they needed to select and implement a new FMIS to integrate with a major reorganisation of the company’s service delivery platforms and processes.
Caravel managed the acquisition and implementation of a suitable financial management system, managed the procurement process to choose a vendor system, and project managed the implementation to ensure the client realised the expected benefits. The procurement and implementation of the FMIS was completed successfully within time and budget constraints.
Sectors: Banking, Finance, Insurance
Services: Project Planning & Execution, Bid & Tender Management, Enterprise Management Solutions

Change of Telecommunications Service Provider
A major banking institution wanted to ensure that it was receiving best value for money for its telecommunications expenditure. They wanted to determine available options, to ensure that the telecommunications services effectively supported the bank in growing and maintaining its business.
Caravel managed the tender process that sought a provider capable of implementing and managing telecommunications services that supported the client’s strategic objectives. The tender process resulted in the selection of a new telecommunications service provider that satisfied the bank’s requirements for service, innovation and value. Caravel successfully managed the transition to the new service provider.
Sectors: Banking, Finance, Insurance; IT & Telecommunications
Services: Change Implementation, Project Planning & Execution, Bid & Tender Management

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