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Bid and Tender Management
Caravel was selected by the national marine safety organisation to specify the marine and industrial requirements for two new telecommunications systems; evaluate and select the best systems for those requirements and manage their implementation. The systems were required within 6 months. Each had to cater for about 100 people operating from a single location with a limited budget available for new equipment.
The new systems were selected and installed meeting the client’s needs at reduced costs.

Caravel’s role included:
• Preparation of tender documents
• Vendor selection and contract negotiation
• Equipment installation, commissioning and handover
Sectors: Government, Emergency Services and Special Service Organisations
Services: Bid and Tender Management, Strategic Management of Projects

Change Implementation
An alternative service provider was sought to deliver a more cost effective and efficient service to ships at sea for a national marine safety organisation. The Maritime Distress and Safety Radio Service (MDSRS) project involved the initial feasibility study to develop the solution concept, tendering for a solution, and then managing its implementation in conjunction with the supplier. This project lasted for three and a half years at a cost of $25-$40M. A hugely successful outcome was achieved where the costs were reduced by half and the service levels were doubled.
Caravel’s role included:
• Preparation of a Strategic Plan
• Management of a feasibility study
• Managing the requirements specification, costing and budgeting, funding, tendering and procurement, PR communications and implementation
• Providing contract oversight for the implementation of new radio stations and an operational control centre
Sectors: Government, Emergency Services and Special Service Organisations
Services: Change Implementation, Strategic Management of Projects, Bid and Tender Management, Project Assurance.

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