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Project Management Office for Law Enforcement
A law enforcement organisation appointed Caravel to run the Project Management Office and ensure that major programmes of work are initiated and completed correctly. Caravel replaced an incumbent provider through an orderly transition process to monitor the client’s major projects including technology, process and organisational change. Project management and governance methods were introduced to support all national and regional change processes. The PMO role includes moderating and consolidating reporting on the major, high profile projects while also arranging and managing assurance programmes.
As a result of Caravel’s involvement, project governance, reporting and assurance practices have been strengthened throughout the organisation. Further, a national “best practice” project methodology was implemented and supported through seminars and help line assistance.
Sectors: Emergency Services & Special Service Organisations, Government Organisations
Services: Project Assurance, P3MO

Implementing a Portfolio Management Capability
Caravel’s client had identified the need to manage their business outcomes through a portfolio of operational projects. In order to deliver this, they needed to establish a Program Management Office (PMO). Caravel’s responsibility was to advise and assist the client to put in place the core concepts and documentation needed to bring the PMO into existence. The main activities involved developing the concepts behind Project Portfolio Management, communicating these and then creating the framework of core portfolio management documents. The master project portfolio plan documents included Master Portfolio Governance, Scope, Benefits, Risk, Issue, Resource, Time, Control, Communications, Budget and Business plans.
Sectors: Government, Transport
Services: Strategic Management of Projects, Change Implementation, Business Process Innovation, P3MO

Business Transformation – Implementing a Program Management Office
Following the creation of a new organisational unit established to manage the co-ordination of a major capital works program, Caravel was engaged to deliver the business transformation program that would deliver an integrated set of business practices. Using gap analysis techniques against the existing program management approach, Caravel developed a far more integrated approach to deliver the new business outcomes using internal and external delivery organisations. A significant amount of coaching and mentoring of client staff and the suppliers was performed to facilitate the proposed changes.
Sectors: Utilities, Government
Services: Change Implementation, Business Process Innovation, P3MO

Enterprise Program Management Office – Organisational Design
Caravel’s client had identified the need for greater visibility of its capital works program performance. Caravel was engaged to manage the activities to establish and operate an enterprise program management office. Caravel performed the organisational design, implemented new or amended business processes, applied project assurance principles and delivered a reporting capability that leveraged Software as a Service (SaaS) opportunities to minimise organisational costs.
Sectors: Utilities, Government
Services: Strategic Management of Projects, Project Assurance, Project Planning and Execution, Change Implementation, Business process innovation, P3MO

Program Management Review
Caravel’s client had recently identified shortcoming in their project delivery capability and need guidance on how to fix the problems. Caravel was engaged to perform a review of the project management structure, processes and procedures to deliver a more effective project delivery organisation. The resultant organisation delivered a greater focus on delivery, accountability and visibility of the program of work. Caravel was subsequently engaged to deliver the first phase of the organisation transformation work and to provide knowledge and skills transfer to the client personnel for subsequent phases.
Sectors: Defence, Government
Services: Strategic Management of Projects, Project Assurance, Change Implementation, Business process Innovation, P3MO

Implementing Reporting using a Program Management Office
Caravel’s client was implementing numerous projects to deliver an overall business strategy. Caravel was engaged to provide a reporting capability that enabled visibility of the large number of projects, programs and portfolios. Caravel supplied its PMO tools and support staff to deliver this reporting capability.
Sectors: Government, Transport
Services: Strategic Management of Projects, P3MO

Operational Management Centre
The client had identified the need to consolidate a number of related operational management centres into a single integrated centre. The program of work had been underway for some time and had been unable to deliver the required business and operational outcomes. Caravel was engaged to plan and implement the system and operational consolidation to move the program to completion. Due to the size of the program, caravel implemented an internal PMO capability to ensure integrated management of the 35 sub projects required for delivery. Caravel’s delivery responsibility included all industrial relations, people position establishment, recruitment, orientation and readiness for and transition into the new centre. This project was successfully completed under budget and ahead of time.
Sectors: Government, Transport, ICT
Services: Safety Critical Projects, Security Management Projects, Business Process Innovation, Project Assurance, project Planning and execution, Operational Management Centres, Bid and Tender management, P3MO

Multi-Channel Contact Centre Consultancy
The client had an existing multi-channel contact centre for some aspects of their business and had an idea to extend this to cover all of their activities. Caravel was engaged to establish if there was a business case for a whole of business multi-channel contact centre. Caravel conducted a review and delivered a report and recommendation to the client based on the review.
Sectors: Government, Transport, Telecommunications
Services: Strategic Management of Projects, P3MO

Strategic Management of Projects Consulting
Caravel was engaged to provide an appropriate deployment strategy for the execution of billions of dollars worth of physical projects in order to deliver strategically important operational projects. This involved providing conceptual approaches to managing large portfolios of projects that were significantly more advanced than those in use at the time. Caravel provided the framework from which the portfolio delivery could be implemented.
Sectors: Government, Transport
Services: Strategic Management of Projects, P3MO

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