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Change of Telecommunications Service Provider
A major banking institution wanted to ensure that it was receiving best value for money for its telecommunications expenditure. They wanted to determine available options, to ensure that the telecommunications services effectively supported the bank in growing and maintaining its business.
Caravel managed the tender process that sought a provider capable of implementing and managing telecommunications services that supported the client’s strategic objectives. The tender process resulted in the selection of a new telecommunications service provider that satisfied the bank’s requirements for service, innovation and value. Caravel successfully managed the transition to the new service provider.
Sectors: Banking, Finance, Insurance; IT & Telecommunications
Services: Change Implementation, Project Planning & Execution, Bid & Tender Management

Telecommunications Outsource Bid Management
Caravel was engaged to deliver a proposal for the outsource of telecommunications to a service provider. The service provider required a specialist bid and tender management team to be engaged to maximise the chances of success. The Caravel solution delivered this.
Sectors: Telecommunications, ICT
Services: Project Assurance, Bid and Tender Management

Maintenance and Support Strategy
Caravel was engaged to determine the strategy to be adopted for maintenance & support of telecommunication systems and IT platforms. This involved developing a risk management profile against the methods of treatment available and determining the level of coverage actually in place. This was combined with a review of in house support available to establish the optimum level of out sourced services required. This then set the overall support strategy to be adopted.
Sectors: Telecommunications, ICT
Services: Project Assurance, Bid and Tender Management

Data Network Maintenance Contracts Review
Caravel’s client had identified the need to rationalise its maintenance contracts and engaged Caravel to perform the review. This involved the review of all maintenance and support contracts for the company including understand the scope of the contracts, interviewing the suppliers, assessing the level of support and maintenance required as measured against the risk strategy adopted by the company. The scope of the work also included renegotiating agreements or finding an alternative suppliers where required.
Sectors: Telecommunications, ICT
Services: Project Assurance, Bid and Tender Management

Operational Management Centre
The client had identified the need to consolidate a number of related operational management centres into a single integrated centre. The program of work had been underway for some time and had been unable to deliver the required business and operational outcomes. Caravel was engaged to plan and implement the system and operational consolidation to move the program to completion. Due to the size of the program, caravel implemented an internal PMO capability to ensure integrated management of the 35 sub projects required for delivery. Caravel’s delivery responsibility included all industrial relations, people position establishment, recruitment, orientation and readiness for and transition into the new centre. This project was successfully completed under budget and ahead of time.
Sectors: Government, Transport, ICT
Services: Safety Critical Projects, Security Management Projects, Business Process Innovation, Project Assurance, project Planning and execution, Operational Management Centres, Bid and Tender management, P3MO

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