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About P3MO™

We have coined the P3MO™ terminology to reflect the fact that our approach acknowledges the three subjects that are governed by the PMO, namely projects, programmes and portfolios.

Our associated tool e-P3MO™ was specifically developed to cater for the needs of large and complex projects. The initial "e" stands for "enterprise", as the tool provides you with a multi dimensional and cross organisational view that integrates ‘business-as-usual and project management.

e-P3MO™ is built ‘on top’ of Caravel’s Total Knowledge Management System (TKMS) and integrates business and project deliverables and performance monitoring in one self-contained package.

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Our solution gives you a single source of information and system in a single report.

Meeting key PMO requirements

Because of its unique cross-organisational perspective, e-P3MO™ offers a raft of benefits that no other PMO system can match:

  • New insights into project control
  • It aligns with strategic goals
  • Clearly defines project interdependencies
  • Employs cost and schedule tools to track and measure performance
  • Delivers portfolio business strategies with considerable savings

It is uniquely suited to meet the key requirements of a Project Management Office - strategic, operational and financial.


Optimal PMO solution

P3MO™ provides a single source of information within one system and in a single report. Its unique cross organisational perspective offers a raft of benefits that no other PMO system can match. P3MO™ is designed to meet the key requirements of a PMO.

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