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Performance gap and risk

Service providers aren’t created equal. That’s why it’s important for clients to make their own comparisons and identify any performance gaps that may exist with their service providers.

Key areas are:

  • Resource Teams
  • Methodology & Tools
  • Client Service Delivery Model
  • Project or change dynamic execution
  • Professional services provider engagement model

Caravel’s capability is underpinned by our selection of the right resource team, the use of an appropriate project management methodology and the right client service delivery model. Collectively these key features reduce a capability performance gap and risk management performance gap, as depicted in the diagram below.

The capability performance and risk management capability gap work together to fundamentally shift the probability of success from the industry average of 30% to what Caravel® achieves in practice.

The net effect of our approach is a significant performance gap which leaves our competitors behind.

It is therefore not surprising that Caravel® can demonstrate more than 80% success rate where others achieve a 30% success rate. Caravel® has invested considerable resources to examine the root causes of failure

Our research suggests that of all the causes (including wrong tools, wrong methods, insufficient risk management, etc.) it ultimately boils down to “the Team”.

Fact: Choosing the wrong people is the single biggest cause of project failure.


Performance Improvement

Caravel's approach reduces the capability performance gap and risk management performance gap resulting in our demonstrated ability to achieve a success rate of more than 80% when others are achieving 30%. We are skilled at obtaining and using project intelligence to optimise our project delivery capability

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