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Caravel’s optimisation of your stakeholder value

Beyond process and methods

The focus of conventional approaches has been on process and methods. This has done little to alter the industry’s high failure rate which has essentially remained unchanged for two decades.

Caravel® has analysed the factors that have determined successful outcomes. We have discovered that what really drives successful outcomes is that stakeholder value is a fundamental factor, and the link this has to delivery team price and performance.

Caravel’s approach recognise's this fundamental shift and delivers optimised client stakeholder value.

Value explained – from a business point of view

Projects are undertaken to add value to an organisation. This is usually expressed in terms of net present value (NPV) compared to the expected return on investment (ROI)

NB: As measured over the life of the assets

However, one has to take into account delivery performance considerations which negatively impact on the net value e.g.

  • Scope creep
  • Delays
  • Price increases
  • Undeliverable project items, etc.

The net value is therefore diminished by the value that is lost during project execution.

Value explained – from a project point of view

From the project perspective, the project performance is comprised of

  1. Professional company performance
  2. Professional team performance

In summary therefore:

And because a project is only as good as its people, the team performance is largely dependent on having the right people. Selecting the right service provider is therefore one of the most important project decisions by the project sponsor.

Caravel’s proven value

Our holistic approach focuses on end-to-end service delivery. This includes

  • Assembling and developing a high performance team
  • Tailoring our methods, collateral and tools to suit
  • Managing the business enhancement and transformation project over time.


Root causes of failure

Success suggests the absence of factors that cause failure. This seems simple enough, and yet it is rarely reflected in the project reality. As a result, we initiated our own research into the root causes of failure. The results have given us a comprehensive understanding of the factors that are responsible for failure. We address these as a matter of course. For project owners, however, it is vital to understand and acknowledge, that one of the single biggest causes of failure is having the wrong people on the project team.

Cause of failure Area of responsibility
Project Governance Project Management

Projects not Understood



Organisation not Ready



Risks not Managed



Wrong Team Yes Yes

Wrong Methods



Wrong Tools



People's Arrogance and Ignorance



Caravel’s solution ensures that projects are understood, that the organisation is ready and that risks are managed. We are proven to provide the right teams, the right methods and the right tools.

Caravel’s track record demonstrates that with the right people and Caravel’s intellectual property project, success is optimised.



Performance Improvement

Caravel's project management and change management approach ensures that we understood the objective, that the organisation is ready and that risks are managed. We are proven to provide the right teams, the right methods and the right tools. Caravel's track record demonstrates that with the right people and Caravel's intellectual property, project success is optimised

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