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Engagement model

Business partnering

Caravel’s “Business Partnering” with clients is the ideal tailored solution halfway between full in-source and full out-source. It allows you to draw on the right mix of services to provide optimal delivery outcomes and leaves you in full control by retaining strategic project elements in-house.
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Managed Services

Our tiered Managed Services provide a tailored service offering ideal for business enhancement and transformation projects that benefit from high performance teams and require the certainty of project delivery with value added benefits.
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Contract Services

As experts in the business of project management, we have what it takes to select and retain the best people. Our clients have the ability to leverage Caravel’s resourcing capability to their advantage when filling HR resource requirements for other teams. We pre-qualify contract resources on the basis of skill, knowledge, experience, competency and personality to ensure that they meet your business expectations. This ensures that our resources meet your needs.
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In order to provide the best outcome, we can tailor our services to precisely meet your business expectations and project needs.

The right type of service for your requirements

Selecting the right type of service will depend on your corporate expectation, specific project needs, and last but not least, the level of project complexity and associated risk.

Service type based on corporate expectation

  • If you want to transfer the responsibility for the delivery of all projects, you will derive best value from Caravel’s Managed Service Plus.

  • When your goal is the delivery of key strategic projects, you will best meet your project needs with Caravel’s Managed Services.

  • For peak load projects, with a minimum lead time, our Contract Services Plus ensure prompt project start and the right level of Service

  • To bolster your resource requirement on an ad hoc basis, our Contract Services will allow you to respond promptly to specific project resource needs.

Service type based on project need

Service type based on project complexity
With increasing level of project complexity and higher degrees of risk, Caravel’s fully Managed Service / Managed Service Plus offers the most effective solution.

For low complexity and lower risk activities, our Contract Service often an element of tailoring, is the most appropriate service level.


A customised approach

At Caravel® we understand that our clients are different and as such, each have different requirements when it comes to 'what you want' and 'how you want it done'. To accommodate your needs we offer: Business Partnering, Managed Services and Contract Services.

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