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Roles and responsibilities

Projects demand clarity. This applies to every aspect of the project and extends to project roles and the responsibilities they carry.

Business enhancement and transformation projects inevitably suffer when responsibilities are inappropriately or inadvertently transferred. Usually this occurs as a result of insufficient understanding of the underlying process. Nevertheless it has undesirable consequences that come to bear at some time.

Before we undertake your project, we prepare comprehensive role descriptions. These add clarity for all concerned and support our project model and approaches.

Accordingly the responsibility for business outcomes, for instance, cannot be abdicated to the project manager.

While project managers will often assume ownership for business outcomes – they clearly are the responsibility of the line management/senior management team.

It is equally important that the project sponsor and steering committee have clearly defined roles.


Projects demand clarity

Caravel's project delivery success rate of more than 80% compared to the industry average of 30%, can be attributed to our approach for ensuring that the right project governance and controls are established. Before we undertake a project we ensure that roles and responsibilities are clearly documented and agreed to. To learn more click here.

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