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Risk management

It is a fact of life that all projects carry some form of risk. What matters is how well the risks are understood and treated.

Business enhancement and transformation projects are especially exposed to risk and carry a significant proportion as a core component. The process of identifying and assessing risks is therefore an important first step as part of the overall risk management.

Caravel® pays attention to the identification and management of risk. We have developed a carefully structured methodology to address the emotional dimension of risk, which can lead to a subjective assessment. (A person with a fear of heights, for instance, does not objectively assess the risk of falling.)

Once risks are identified and assessed, we initiate a comprehensive risk review process. It offers increased project certainty through the systematic identification and treatment of all project risks.

Risk management process:

Identify risks > Remove or transfer risks > Control remaining risks >
Residual risk risks assessment

Understanding risks

While the presence of risk is inevitable to a degree, it is important to understand its nature and consider its consequences should it become reality.

Poorly understood risks can lead to the inappropriate acceptance or transfer of risk and result in a risk owner who is not well equipped to remediate risk consequences.

We establish a risk treatment budget and – because risks can never be reduced to zero – we allow a remediation budget for residual risks.


Diminishing Risk

Risk is inevitable to some degree. However, when the nature of the risk and its consequences is understood, planned for and treated where possible, the 'risk' itself diminishes. Caravels project success comes from our ability to pay attention to the identification and management of risk

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