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Critical chain vs critical path method

Of all the project management methods, Critical Chain and Critical Path are frequently confused. Nevertheless, there is a world of difference between the two approaches.

The Critical Chain Model (derived from the Theory of Constraints) has a resource focus, whereas Critical Path is task order focused.

Given the key attributes of change projects, such as poorly defined project tasks, multi-stakeholder environment etc, Critical Chain Modelling best addresses the inherent uncertainty associated with change and human behaviours, and consequently keeps projects better under control.


Critical Path


Critical Chain


The Critical Chain Method addresses the human response to executing multiple tasks and divides the work into natural work streams.

Critical Path, on the other hand, concentrates on tasks in terms of resource and time efficiencies, causing schedule risk.

Caravel® considers the Critical Chain Method most suited to business enhancement and transformation projects, and has adopted a methodology that provides a tailored approach.

Caravel® tailors the Critical Chain Method to your organisation’s needs


Project Management Methodology

Critical Chain and Critical Path project management methods are often confused. The distinguishing factor between these methods is that where Critical Chain is resource focussed, Critical Path is task order focussed. Caravel considers the Critical Chain method most suited to business enhancement and transformation projects

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